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SnapManager for SQL - Disabling Monitoring and Reporting


Our DB Admin just installed SnapManager for SQL and currently in the process of setting up through the Wizard.  The Wizard is giving us the "option" of whether we should enable Monitoring and Reporting.  When NOT selecting it gives us the following error message ... "Failed to set monitoring and reporting settings. Error Code: 0x80070002. The system cannot find the file specified"  So it is obvious we need to select the feature to enable the Monitoring and Reporting feature.  Now when enabling the feature and selecting only For Backup to be monitored and reported ... we still get the same error message and will not let you move to the next step; which is finish.


It seems that this is an ON only feature.


Is there a way to bypass this and not enable the Monitoring and Reporting feature on SnapManager for SQL?


Or has anyone seen this error code before?


Greatly appreciate your time and your response on this.







the first thing i think about is if this a cluster configuration.

Since SMSQL needs to create some registry entries maybe the "not found" error appears becasue it cannot find the registry path on the other cluster node...

Check also in the SMSQL installation folder, under the Report folder you can find the config logs. they can contain some useful informations.