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SnapManager for SQL notification settings



I have an SQL server (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard) with SnapManager for SQL version 5.1.  I have a couple of backup jobs that run on this server (hourly & daily) etc etc...

My SnapManager notification settings are set as per the attached image.  Despite these settings I still receive Backup status e-mails in my Notifications inbox indicating that the backup was successful.

Has anybody else experienced this issue?  I am having a similar problem with SnapManager for Exchange on another box so the problem isn't just restricted to SM for SQL.

Does anybody know the registry key that the 'On failure only' tick box changes?  If I knew this then I could test to see if any changes are made when the box is ticked.  I can then manually make the change in the registry to ensure that I do not continually receive such notifications.

My aim is clearly to only receive notification e-mails when the job fails.  I look forward to any responses.  I thank you in anticipation.



HI Justin,

i got the same issues with SMEX and SMSQL but in the newer Versions it works as designed. If you're running Exchange 2010 you could set up a Transport-Rule to delete the "Successed Notifications".

Sorry Bernd


We are running Exchange 2003.  I have asked my 'back office' support team for some help and advice on this in the hope that they may be able to replicate this on the test-bed equipment.  If so they may be able to find a fix/hack.

Thanks for your response.

Any additional information that anybody else has would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind Regards

Justin Medcraft

Hes Justin,

your support-team could implement a "smtp-sink" at your Exchange to filter the success-messages.

Something like this:

Regards Bernd


Hi there,

if i recall correctly its always sending autosupports to the adress in the latest versions. you need a filter for it.





you can set this up to send only on errors only. if you click on advanced button there is a checkbox to say send mail when operation fails.

hope this helps