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SnapC Agent not reachable


Hi Friends,

While trying to create a profile through the snapC GUI(my snapC server is ia Linux box), I am stuck in the agent test section. When I do an agent test after specifying the IP address of the host, it returns an error message "agent not running or not reachable". I have checked almost everything on the host side but could not figure out the issues.

1. Reinstalled the agent on the host(windows) and specified the port 9091.

2. verified the agent status as listening on the host

3. verified windows firewall service is stopped.

4. telnet to the host IP over port 9091 from the SnapC server doesn't work. it failes with timeout error or connection failure.

5.No error event logs noticed in the event manager of the windows host.

6.Tested the agent service to run on both local and administrator logins. no luck

7.Checked the firmware of the windows network drivers.

8.tracert to snapC server from the host works fine. no firewall in between.

M I missing something here? would appreciate any help

Attaching a screenshot of the error.





I believe the issue is either

1) network ports are not open between server and agent, this seems like issue since telnet didnt work

2) DNS or hostname resolution issue

To check and see if agent is in fact working log into host running agent and run "telnet localhost 9091". If this works which I think you tested above then issue is between server and agent and it is unfortunately not an SC problem



Thanks a lot Keith

In my case, the SC server and the host is on a same vlan. So I can rule out the firewall blocking the port. Any idea if there could be any entity in between from the network point of view?




Maybe a host based firewall?

Basically if you can tenlet to agent port from localhost and not from another system you have something blocking it and that is your issues.



Thanks Keith..That is right and which is what I got to figure out. Windows firewall is disabled on the host...