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SnapManager for SQL v7.2 Remote Verification issue...


We have a SQL server on our production site with SnapDrive and SnapManager installed and all LUNs attached and snapmirrored to our DR site.


Each day we run a Full backup on the production server, forcing a SnapMirror at the end of the backup and then run a remote verification on a server in the DR site also running SMSQL server to mount the snapshots and verify the backups are good.


This has been working fine for a long while, however the Database volume has recently been increased to 10TB, the datastore being used as control volume to store drive mappings is formatted as a VMFS5 at the production site.


The problem we are encounting is when the remote verification server tries to mount the snapshot, it fails with ".vmdk is larger then the maximum size supported by datastore".


We have determined the problem is that the remote verification server is trying to mount the snapshot using a datastore to store the drive mappings that is VMFS3, therefore because it is over 2TB the mount fails.


We do have other control datastores at the DR site that we can use, which are VMFS5, which I know will resolve the issue as this has already been proved.


My question is what determines, the datastore used to store the LUN drive mappings when mounting the snapshots for verification on the remote verification server, as changing this will resolve our issue? I have checked logs, registry and config / XML files to no avail. If we can select a different control datastore for LUN drive mappings to use for remote verification then we can point it to one of the VMFS5 datastores, however do not know where this setting is configured.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.




Scott S.






personally think, opening a case would be a good idea. coz it involves too many factors, better to have tse check everything out and move forward. another approach might be to ping the one who implemented this configuration for help.