Data Backup and Recovery

NDMP backup from Exadata, restore to ONTAP


We are looking at the possibility of restoring an NDMP backup of an ExaData (ZFS) to an ONTAP 8.3.2 cluster.  Has anyone done this before?  Is it even possible?


Thanks in advance!




I found some other sources that says this is not possible.


Verias VOX




We use NetBackup to capture our NDMP backups.


May be not direct restore , but there is option to re-direct restore a NetApp Share 

depends on which backup appication is being used , VERITAS does not have options as far as i know to re-direct 

but Commvault does have options to perform re-direct restore 


By "redirect" do you mean 3rd party NDMP?  That won't do it as it does not manipulate the data steam.


CV would need to read the data stream from the Exadata backup, unravel the ufsdump (or whatever means the Exadata is wrapping up the data) then translate that back into the NetApp version of dump so that the NetApp can read it.


I don't think it does that.  Please correct me if I am wrong about this.