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SnapManager for SharePoint 8.1 - RBS Question



Our installation of SMSP is only required to perform platform backups and hence does not have any of the additional installation options added (storage manager etc).

We make use of the filestream provider in sharepoint to connect to RBS on our SQL server. This all works fine until the SMSP agent is installed on our web front ends, and causes numerous file access and upload errors. I believe the root cause to be the SMSP agent installation, which appears to overwrite filestream config in the dotnet machine.config file with details of the RBS provider from SMSP (see below):

                <add key="BlobStoreType" value="AvePoint" />
                <add key="DllFile" value="C:\Program Files\NetApp\SMSP8\Agent\bin\SP2013RBSProvider.dll" />
                <add key="ClassName" value="AvePoint.StorageOptimization.RemoteBlobStorage.DocAveSP2013RBSProvider" />

                <add key="ProviderVersion" value="" />
                <add key="MinSupportedBackEndStoreVersion" value="" />
                <add key="BlobStoreAbstractClassVersion" value="" />
                <add key="EnumerationOptimizationLevelImplemented" value="1" />
                <add key="ConsistencyCheckLevelImplemented" value="1" />
                <add key="pool_capacity" value="Number" />

Configuring filestream post SMSP agent installation does not fix the issue. The only way is to uninstall the agent and start with a clean version of dotnet, but this is not a suitable solution because the agent is needed for platform backups. Without looking for a manual workaround, is there a clean way of avoiding the above from happening? Thanks.