Data Backup and Recovery

Snapmanager for Exchange


I've just started trying to figure out Snapmanager for Exchange and I have a few questions:

First, is there a way to configure a no run not to be reported as a failure?  Related, if I have a no run for a storage group that as far as I can tell doesn't exist, where do I go to remove it from the system?  I can't find it configured anywhere.  It's not in the scheduled task either.  I don't even see a storage group with that name in the Exchange environment.

If I turn off the monitoring for backups, will notifications for failures still go out or will that kill all notifications?  We don't want the daily success email.  I tried setting the repetition to 0 days, but I still get some reports on some servers.  Related, why would I get a blank email on one of those daily reports?  Could it be related to the 0 day repetition for the monitor setting?  That is all that has changed since a report yesterday.