Data Backup and Recovery

SnapManger for SQL needs to install on all servers that have SQL db's or just one one centralized server?


If it is only on one centralized server, then all other SQL db's need to add on the SnapManager for SQL server, is that correct?

Also, other than the license for SnapManager SQL, are there any licenses need to be installed on the storage side?

I know, this is a very basic question, please advice. Thank you!



This question may very well be a silly one. Could anybody please give it a shot? Thanks!


SMSQL needs to be installed on every server holding an SQL instance. SMSQL can be managed on each host individualy or you can install SMSQL on any Server of your choice and add all SQL servers into the GUI.

Besides SMSQL you will of course need SnapDrive on every SQL server. SnapDrive must be licensed as well.


It has to be installed on every SQL instances server, but could be managed them on one single server. This is how I understand what you said.

Thank you for your message.


SDW- Snapdrive needs to licensed on your filer as well as SMSQL. Sounds like you have it sorted.