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SnapMirror errors 8.3


Hello guys, first I wanted to say that this community is just awesome, hope you guys could help me fix these errors.

My boss gave me a mission: to fix the snapmirror errors.

There was something like 111 errors with the snapmirror.

I was entering this command in the cdot: Snapmirror show -healty "false" -instance

There was alot of errors that i couldn't fix with this last transfer error:

Failed to get information for source volume <source volume name> for confirmation. (CSM: An operation failed due to an ONC RPC failure)

the unhealty-reason is: Transfer Failed

Second error was with this unhealty reason:

Scheduled update failed to start (Scheduled update was delayed because another SnapMirror operation for the realtionship is in progress)

Thanks in advance.







I feel we are looking at a intercluster SM relationship here? i have seen this error before when using intercluster snapmirror they need the correct amount of intercluster lifs.

I did a little bit of digging and came across a few articles which basically states that "Intercluster SnapMirror requires that all nodes possess at least one intercluster LIF on it"


this can be also found within the Data Ontap 8.3 Data Protection Guide on page 62 onwards:


"From the Data Protection Guide: At least one intercluster LIF must be created on every node in the cluster. Every intercluster LIF requires an IP address, meaning at least one IP address per node must be dedicated to performing intercluster replication. Provisioning intercluster LIFs only on some nodes of the cluster is not a supported configuration. Configuring an intercluster LIF on every node is required to allow intercluster SnapMirror transfers to continue when volume move operations move volumes between nodes. SnapMirror relationships do not have to be modified because volumes are moved to other nodes in the cluster."


this error message i can understand be very misleading and ambiguous. 


.Ii hope this helps 🙂