Data Backup and Recovery

SnapProtect VMDK copy on Tape


I have problem

Situation such

1 . There is an optical closed network between the backup server - storage netapp - a tape - servers of virtualization of

2. I delivered on the win 2013 STD eng server. And Snapprotect 10 delivered drivers on the server from a tape and connected a tape in the console of control

3. The client on the Virtual Center server from virtualization servers set - created a default policy of storage

4. In attempt of creation of archive - on a tape the index - about 3 MB is written only - the machine about 100 Gb remains which image in a way on storage and in case of the subsequent archiving on a tape only new index and on storage updated is written a new image - that takes a place on storage that in our case is critical - it would be desirable to throw images on a tape and without creating them on storage

Whether possible it?

Or how to drop on the tape VMDK this by means of SnapProtect?



You can send backups to tape without retain snapshots. In your storage policy set the retention of "Primary Snap" as "Spool Copy" and set a "Primary Classic" copy to tape as usual. Then when you run a backup, click in Advanced and select "Create backup copy immediately". This creates a temoporary snapshot and is deleted after tape backup ends.


In case you are using NAS iDA, you can perform NDMP backups to tap without create snapshots. On your subclient properties, go to tab "SnapProtect Operations" and disable the use of the snapshot engine.