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Snapcenter 2.0 and MSSQL system databases


I've just installed Snapcenter 2.0 and doing some testing and found something that puzzles me a bit. 


Earlier using Snapmanager we have our system datases on a separate iSCSI LUN. When I do a backup of the system databases it does a streamed backup of them to the snapinfo folder on another iSCSI LUN. 


But if I try to do a backup of the system databases in Snapcenter it will simply just to a regular snapshot of the iSCSI LUN where we have the system databases on. Is this really correct? I haven't been able to find any information in the documentation about database layout for the system databases other then they should be on a seperate LUN. 







I would love to know the answer to this too, as well as whether or not a SnapInfo LUN is needed for T-Log backups when using SnapCenter as it was for SnapManager.


Hi all


SnapManager for SQL Server (SMSQL) uses the SnapInfo directory as the main repository to store all metadata related to the SMSQL instance installed on a host (such as SnapManager
backup metadata, stream-based backups of system databases, and transaction log backups)


SnapCenter uses a host log directory to store transaction log backup data. This is at the host and instance level. Each SQL Server host used by SnapCenter needs to have a host log directory configured to perform log backups.SnapCenter has a database repository, so metadata related to backup, restore, or cloning operations is stored in a central database repository

Backing up SQL Server system and user databases using SnapCenter requires that you choose the resource type, such as databases, SQL server instances, and Availability Groups (AG). Snapshot copy technology is leveraged to create online, read-only copies of the volumes on which the resources reside


hope thie helps


Thank you matte, that helps for me at least.