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Snapcenter 4.1 - snapvault mechanics




I am trying to figure out how SnapCenter updates snapvault relations.


I have 2 resourcegroups (RG) with a seperate datastore each. These datastores reside on different volumes and even different NetApp filers.

I also have 1 policy which includes a snapvault update with a custom label.


When I back up RG1 with this policy, it also tries to snapvault update the volume in RG2. Which does not work ofcourse as it has not the expected snapshot.


Things I've tried:

- gave the volume in RG2 another protection policy with different labels

- disabled the snapcenter policy for RG2

- REMOVED RG2 in snapcenter

- REMOVED the NetApp filer for RG2 in snapcenter


It's still trying to update snapvault relation for the volume in RG2 altough nothing even exists of RG2 anymore in snapcenter. Snapcenter shouldn't even know anything about this volume.


What am I missing here? It's driving me nuts..




Edit: did some further testing. Is this possible that this caused by the fact that the volumes have the same name? Even if they reside on different NetApp filers?

I created another volume/datastore with a different name and this volume is not impacted (snapcenter does not try to snapvault update this one).



Just to let everyone know, I picked this up with NetApp support and they confirmed this is a bug.

If the snapvault source volumes have the same name, SnapCenter tries to update both relations. This is because SnapCenter does not take the source filer into account, only the volume name.


They told me this will be fixed in a minor upgrade of SnapCenter 4.2 / Data Broker.