Data Backup and Recovery

Snapcenter 4 with SQL Always On Availability group Backups


I've setup SQL Hosts by adding the SLQ Cluster name (which added the SQL Servers as hosts as well).  The one challenge with this setup is that Snapcenter backups up both the Primary and Secondary SQL Servers almost at the same time which really isn't needed nor ideal.  It also causes failures on the secondary node databases many times with an error that the databases cannot contact primary (probably because of the timing between primary truncating logs or freezing database,etc).  It usually only the busy databases that generate the error, but not everytime either.


Realistically the backups should allow us to define if we want backups to run on the primary or secondary nodes only (depending on our preference).  Running it on both the primary and secondary is highly redundant....


Anyone know how to configure it so it only backs up one of the nodes of the SQL always on availability group.





when you define/create a new policy in the AG setting section you can select to:


Backup on preferred backup replica only - Select this option to backup only on preferred backup replica. The preferred backup replica is decided by the backup preferences configured for the AG in the SQL Server


Select replicas for backup - Choose the primary AG replica or the secondary AG replica for the backup.

Backup priority - Specify a minimum backup priority number, and a maximum backup priority number that decide the AG replica for backup.


is that what you need?