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Snapcenter storage connections not available


Hi there,


Hoping someone can help me with what is likely a newbie mistake.  I setup storage connections using the domain snapcenter account via the UI when the DBA team logs into snapcenter to create their backup policies it gives them an error that no storage connection has been configured for them.  When the DBA team goes to look at storage connections they don't see any setup, when I go to storage connects as the snapcenter user I see 3 SVMs configured.  I also tried logging in using my domain admin account and also don't see any storage connections.  The DBA team accounts, my domain admin account and the snapcenter account are all added to the SnapCenterAdmin role.


I'm running Snapcenter 2.0P2.  My question is if I need to setup storage connections indvidually for every user that will be logging into Snapcenter to create backup policies?  I had thought setting it up as the snapcenter user these storage connections would be available to all users.






Storage connections is the only exception. No matter what role a user is assigned, access to the storage connections has to be granted on a per user basis even if they have been assigned the SnapCenter admin role.