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Snapcenter unable to create or connect LUNS


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I have built a Snapcenter POC environment to test out the solution before moving to production. It consists of an SC server (windows 2016 core), Netapp SIM (ontap 9.4), MS SQLServer and MS AD Server (both windows 2016 core). I can connect iscsi luns to the SQL and AD server using oncommand (via the sim) and Windows Admin Centre to manage the core servers. all works fine. windows volumes mount and are avialable for use etc Hapy Days.


When I try to do the same via snapcentre, i can build and register the iScsi path, igroup and register the hosts, but cannot create a lun or connect to an exisiting lun. I have removed all firewalls, ensured the credentials supplied are Admins or domain admins all with no joy.


on looking at the SCWDebug.log file I can see SDW is having 2 problems

1: When I try to create a LUN, it suceeds in creating, connecting  and intialising the lun in the specified volume, but fails when it tries to create a volume. error is  "Failed to Create windows file system at Snapdrive.NSF.Core.Host.PartitionManager.CreateWindowsFileSystem".

it then deletes the LUN and finishes. Note it does not remove the igroup so if re-run fails with a different error. which has to be corrected in ontap by removing the igroup. 


2: When I try to connect to existing LUN, it applies the requested igroup, it mounts the lun and then fails with an invalid WMI Query error is System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWith ExtendedInfo(..... get.count()..... at SnapDrive.NSF.Core.Host.PartitionManager.<>c_DisplayClass13.<connectdisk>b__d(String Node). reported error is

"Task Creating Windows File system Status: Failed Message: No disk is found on all nodes".

Query is "Select * from MSFT_Partition Where DiskID = "{1}\\\\<servername>\\root/Microsoft/Storage/Providers_v2\\WSP_Disk.objectid="<Disk ID>

Scope \\<Server name>\root\Microsoft\windows\Storage.

Note the 4 \\\\ above are correct as reported in log file???? this is strange as the Disk ID reported 2 lines above only has 2\\.


This time it exits and leaves the lun mounted and ready to use from the windows server and looking good in ontap, but not registered in snapcentre, so unable to be used for backup operations. ;-(


There seems to be an issue with Snapdrive (Snapcentre for windows) creating or enumerating windows volumes on a Server core target, has anyone else experienced this or have do you have any futher pointers on things to try as I am now out of ideas.


Thanks in advance for your time and support







AFAIK SnapCenter does not support Windows Core editions.

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AFAIK SnapCenter does not support Windows Core editions.


Thank you Mrhaul


Are you aware if any of the Windows  Server feature packs can be installled to overcome this issue?


Also do you know if support for core is on the roadmap?

You can give a try enabling desktop UI feature to covert server core to server desktop UI experience. (Only on Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2) and see how it goes. Switching between core to UI is not supported any more in Windows 2016 and above.