Data Backup and Recovery

Snapcenter vs SMO Feature Parity Issues


We have been evaluating SC 4.4 as we need to move away from SMO for Oracle 19c support. We are finding a lot of limitation on the SC UI around admin aspects that were easy in SMO. Some examples:


  1. Clone hierarchy not present in SC
  2. UI does not show a list of backups for all resources
  3. Backup to clone hierarchy would be better suited to a tree view
  4. Backups/Clones cannot have an arbitrary name specified at creation 
  5. Limited tagging of entities to add metadat for admins/dev teams
  6. Some panes show loading when creating clones etc. UI should be more responsive
  7. In SMO we could provide a simply XML file that contyained all the SGA setup etc. for a clone. Nothing in SC UI for this. Need to do it manually each time. 


Perhaps I am not using the product as it is intended but these have proved very frustrating.