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Snapcreator + Domino




i have a few questions regarding SnapCreator and Domino. I have read the documentation, but have not been able to find the answers for my questions.


The requirement is, that there a consistant database snapshots. So is it necessary to also backup the translog files or changeinfo files for this? As i have understood, the plugin brings domino into backup mode, where everything is written back into the databases for consistancy. That means i have a consistant database backup. The Translog/Changeinfo is only need for point-in-time or up-to-minute restore. Is this correct?


When using DAOS, does the plugin restore missing NLO files from the DAOS store? Nowhere in the documentation can be read about this.









The plug-in itself doesn't do anything with DAOS.

The recommendation from IBM is to set the DAOS deletetion interval to be equal to the restore interval + 1 day.

So if you support restores for one month (31 days), set the deletion interval to 32 days.

This should endure there is enough within DAOS to handle your typical restore.


The other option is more involved.

Basically restore the database, then run tell daosmgr listnlo missing <dbname>, restore any missing NLO files, then copy/paste the needed documents.

If the recovered database is deleted after this (at the OS level) then a doas resync would be required.

If the Domino APIs are used to delete the recovered DB, then a resync shouldn't be necessary.


Last time I talked with IBM about this there wasn't really any easy way to automate this - manual intervention is required if the restore is past the deletion interval.


TR-3917 has a small section on DAOS.


I thought I had the above info in a TR, but I can't seem to quickly locate it.


Hope this helps,





Thanks John for the information. The problem with daos is, that yes i would be able to restore a mailfile, but i would then have to fish in the backed up daos folders for the missing nlo files. and if this was a very big mailfile there could be hundreds or thousends of missing nlos. i had hoped, that the domino plugin would get the list with the missing nlos and would automatically restore them to the daos store.


for my other question, am i right with the consistent backup thing?




Sorry I missed the first part.


The changeinfo information is generated by the Domino APIs (via the plugin).  This information is needed for every backup/restore.


The transaction logs are really only going to be leveraged during up to the minute or selectable point in time restore.


If it generally a best practice to back these up, but it all depends on your RTO/RPO needs.