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Snapdrive and Snap Manager for SQL questions


HI all,


My user have a ESX environment with 2 x VM running SQL and 1 for Windows server. Snapdrive 7.1.3 is installed on all 3 servers. ESX use FC SAN connect NetApp 2650 storage for Datastore. From one of the DB server and Windows server, I can use SnapDrive to create a disk and able to select initiators (FC initiators & ESX iSCSI initiators) during create the disk but there is no available initiators shown on the other DB server. And can't proceed to create the drive on that DB server. Any idea why this happen and what I can do the check the reason and solve this strange issue?


When I start the Snap Manager on Windows server and choose "add server to be managed", it only able to show that DB server can't create drive but no show the first DB server. I try the same step on second DB server and it still not able to show the first DB server. Also I notice that the available server list content show from 2 server are not the same (in the environment there are other testing SQL DB but we only need to setup the Snap Manager for these 2 production DB server). Any idea of why there is different list showing?










if i understand it right snapmanager not shown the local sql server ?

The SnapManager SQL Service User must have Permissions on the SQL Server and the SQL Browser Service should be runing.


Check bevor use of snapmanager that snapdrive is right communication with storage system and vcenter if needed. That it listed the right storage information for lun / vmfs before configure snapmanagersql for backup operations.


Thanks. I double check again the login details and solve the issue. Now I can add the first DB server.


But on second DB server I still have the problem in creating the Snap Drive volume. No FC port or ESX iSCSI show for select when create the drive. Any idea what is happening?


Back to first DB server, I go through the setup wizard and the last step is to migrate the database. I check the help and it mention it will take the database offline when it migrate and will take entire SQL server offline. Is this true? I need to find a downtime to do this step before I can setup backup details? How long it will take for the migration? Even though current the VM sitting on NetApp storage but this step still need to perform? It will need to run the migration task for all server install the snap manager?







When you use the wizzard you can see which files must migrated ( Database Selection / From - To ). you cann read on the snap manager documentation what is recomended for use snap manager for sql. But the message comes everytime you use the wizzard. it means it will not migrate the database files the message comes nevertheless. But if you not shure you should start migration with planed downtime.


How long it will take for the migration?

How fast your storage can read write the data


It will need to run the migration task for all server install the snap manager?

Yes, if you will use the snapManager sql backup the database files must organized as snapmanagersql compatible. As after the SnapManager Configuration Wizzard is complete you can use snapmanagersql for backup operation.


But on second DB server I still have the problem in creating the Snap Drive volume. No FC port or ESX iSCSI show for select when create the drive. Any idea what is happening?

You use ESXi with vCenter and SAN ? The Initiator groups listed should be the same as you configured on storagesystem / show all initator groups on wizzard. If you use ha it is important to use the initiator group with inclueded all esxi hosts hba.





Thanks your reply.


- Second DB server can't see any initiators problem:

     The second DB & the first DB both are VM and located on same physical server and connect to same DataStore in ESX. So suppose they should see the same FC initiators. The first DB server can see the FC initiators and success create SnapDrive but on second DB server it show nothing on Initiator page during create disk so can't complete the SnapDrive create. Really have no idea why the second DB can't see any initiator. Both VM has same resource assign from VC. Any area I can look for the reason why it won't show the initiators?





On Snapdrive under Manage Igroups it should be list the storage system igroups with exisitng initiators.

Check Transport Protocoll Settings for storage system and Virtual Center Logon Credentials.

The existing VMDK Drives should listed with the right lun pfad.

Restart SnapDrive Service and try to find C:\.....\SnapDrive\Snpdrvdbg.log are issuses.


sdcli transport_protocol list

sdcli smvi_config list


Thanks for fast reply. I check the Transport Protocol setting before and that is correct. But I notice that it didn't enable the "Enable VirtualCenter or ESX Server Setting" tab under "VirtualCenter or ESX Server Log On" setting. After enable, it then can show the same FC initiators and ESX iSCSI initiators as the other server. It can success create the new SnapDrive volume also.


Thanks for your help and sorry for so many question. I'm just a new user in SnapManager.


Leter user will relocate the DB and log into different volume (previous user put both DB & log in C drive) before the SnapManager for SQL setup and migrate. Hope those process will more smooth.




An Extra question is user have 2 SQL server and now both install SnapDrive and SnapManager individual. User wanto to know that if they can install the SnapManager for SQL in a independent server and to manager these 2 SQL server backup job? He want to know if he can maintain all the backups administration in single server.




Yes you can manage snapmanager remote if you have the permission for server and sql service, but the backup task normaly run as sql agent task.