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Snapdrive for Windows End of Availability


So...I'm quite confused about this bulletin


End of Availability: SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server and SnapDrive for Windows

For your information and planning, this notice is meant to inform you about some NetApp® products that have come to the end of their availability and/or some products that are no longer available from our suppliers.

Data protection is a key challenge for IT organizations. The suite of NetApp SnapManager®, SnapDrive®, and Snap Creator® products has helped thousands of customers meet this challenge. We have consolidated many of these individual products into NetApp SnapCenter®, which provides a modern data protection solution for the hybrid cloud. This bulletin announces end of availability for all versions of SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server and SnapDrive for Windows on all NetApp platforms as of the dates indicated later in this bulletin.


I've setup Snapcenter and have been playing with it, and I do see that within Snapcenter I can do alot of the functions of Adding/Connecting a disk which I've done locally on the local windows system previously however one of the interesting pieces is that they have announced end of availability, however Snapmanager for Exchange actually still requires Snapdrive.


So, I have a product thats not in Snapcenter (yet), but still needs snapdrive, but snapdrive is end of availability.  Anyone got any roadmaps when they are going to fix that glaring little issues?



You'll need to check with your account team to verify, but from what I understand SnapDrive will no longer be available to purchase as a standalone product, but will still be avaialble to support products that need it, like SnapManager for Exchange.