Data Backup and Recovery

Snapmanager detected that the following databases are in use...


I've installed SQL 2005SP2 on local drives. I've also installed snapdrive 6.0.1 and snapmanager for SQL 2.1.1. The goal is to migrate the SQL databases/logs to the Netapp snapdrive procured luns.

I've gone through the initial configuration wizard to map everything to the luns. When I get to the end and click finish I get an error:

SnapManager detected that the following databases are currently in use. Prior to relocating a SQL server database, the database must not have any users connected to it.

The environment I set up was for test purposes. The same box has SQL2005, snapdrive, snapmanager sql installed. There are no users connected. The application that is installed in Sharepoint server 2007, but nobody is using it - it's a test environment.

Why am I getting this error when clearly nobody is connected? I even rebooted the server and re-ran everything and got the same error.

How do I go into SQL and disconnect all users from the databases. I'm not a SQL person so please list exact steps.





It turns out that the Sharepoint content databases and config database have active sleeping connections from the service account used for Sharepoint server 2007. Everytime I try and kill the coonections they just start back up again.

How do I disconnect these process connections so snapmanager SQL configuration wizard is happy??


I'm having the same issue. Were you able to find a resolution for this?



Check out pg.56 of the SMOSS admin guide - Database and Index Migration. Basically, shut down all Sharepoint services. If there are still active connections to the databases you'll have to go into SQL Management Studio and run a query to kill active connections.