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Snapmirror license not avaliable error




I have two FAS2650 in different locations replicating to FAS2520 in another third location.

One of them fails when  I try to create the protection relationship with the license error.

The unique difference between two storage is the ethernet connection.

I Explain that.


The replication port of one FAS is 1GB and the Destination FAS2520 is connected to a 100MB. In this case the create the protection relationship proccess works fine.


The replication port of second FAS is 10GB DAC type and the destination FAS2520 is the same as above. In this case the create protection relationship proccess fails with the license error.


Can the speed difference be the reason for the fault in this storage?
Thanks in advanced
ALEX DAWSON reply to my question:


Hi Twigs,


I think it might be better to make a new post instead of replying to this one. In general, the port speed difference will not cause a license error.


I would suggest you run "system license show" on all three clusters and verify that there are snapmirror licenses installed for each node on each cluster - the system will let you install licenses for nodes not in the cluster, so if there is any mixup, the licenses may show but not be in effect.





The two nodes have SnapMirror licensing.


NFS               license  NFS License           -
CIFS              license  CIFS License          -
iSCSI             license  iSCSI License         -
FCP               license  FCP License           -
SnapRestore       license  SnapRestore License   -
SnapMirror        license  SnapMirror License    -
FlexClone         license  FlexClone License     -
SnapVault         license  SnapVault License     -
SnapManagerSuite  license  SnapManagerSuite License


Any idea?




Hello, the port requirements for intercluster communications must have the same MTU settings. You are moving from a 100MB/1GB (I'm guessing have a 1500 MTU) to 10GB, which may use the 9000 MTU setting. Are you able to test this across a 1GB link? I realise this is nothing to do with licensing, however as you've stated the licensing looks good.