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Specify an default igroup to use with SMO




IHAC who is using SMO to create clones on a AIX cluster. When specifying the host, we need to specify a node of the AIX cluster as well.

So , while connecting luns, snapdrive creates the igroup it needs to map to this specific node.


We would like that snapdrive use a specific igroup that includes both nodes of the AIX cluster.

So, at this time, after cloning is finished, there is a need to remap luns with the expected igroup.




I think we could specify snapdrive a default igroup to use whenever possible.

Especially, we can specify an igroup-file in the snapdrive.conf file.

But I found no documentation on how to use it and when I tried to fill it with an igroup name, it had no effect on snapdrive behaviour.



Is anyone having a documentation on how to use this file (and all other parameters of snapdrive.conf file) or a different way to force snapdrive to use a specific igroup when connecting luns for SMO ?



Thank you.







Snapdrive for UNIX by default creates a new igroup of its own, if no specific igroup is provided as a parameter in its operations.
It has one more option to bind a particular igroup to a particular storage system, so that all operations involving that storage system will use the igroup which is binded.

Use this command to bind the igroup name and a storage system.
snapdrive igroup add <igroupname> <storage system>
snapdrive igroup delete <igroupname> <storage system>
snapdrive igroup list




thank you for your answer but actually, it does not resolve my issue.


I know that you can specify igroup in the snapdrive command.


The question is how to have a default igroup used by snapdrive when no igroup is specified in the command line.

The use case is the one I described, i.e SMO resquesting clone or snap connections. Since SMO specifies no igroup, snapdrive automatically creates a new igroup on the NetApp cluster.

I want that snapdrive uses a specific igroup in that case. This can be very important when you have a Host cluster (AIX, for example), because the igroup created by snapdrive does not include initiators from all nodes of the the host cluster.. The way to solve this is to use a predefined igroup that already contains every intitors you want.


I think this is implemented since the snapdrive.conf file contains an option to specify a default igroup but I tried it with no result, and I did not find any documentation on that matter.


Anyone has this info ?


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