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VSC 6.2.1 how to NOT backup swap file NFS datastore volume


We hae VSC 6.2.1 installed on vmware 6.0 and initiating a multi nightly backup jobs and we have no Ontap level snapshot scheduled on the VMware NFS datastore volumes.  Because we have setup those VSC backup jobs at the VMware datacenter level, we're backing up unncessary vswap file dedicated NFS datastore volumes which are being used by the ESXi hosts.  Is there a way to skip the vswap datastore volumes when I run the backup at the datacenter level?  



I had to consult our VMware team on this since they ran into the same thing.  Anyway, there's a special section in the job that refers to "Spanned Entities" and you can de-select the datastores that don't need VSC protection.  


Hope that helps - let me know if you need more to go on and I can ping them for further guidance...




Thanks for the suggestion but I do not see anything in the Spanned Entities section.  Blank under the section.  Is that something VMware admin should be setting up on ESXi hosts?