Data Backup and Recovery

Steaming SQL Backups




We have recently moved to SQL 2016 (3 Node Always On) on Server 2016 and are using SnapCenter 4.3  as the backup platform. This has worked reasonably well (despite all the bugs!) but there is one issue that I cannot find resolution for. 2 Databases out of 60 approx seem to be performing a steaming type backup to the HostLog volume. From my SMSQL days I would have assumed that this was due to the databases being location in the same place as the System Databases but this is not the case. The SQL DBAs believe all databases are configured this same way with nothing unusual done with the 2 databases that are misbehaving. 


Does anyone have any suggestions as to cause and resolution of this issue? 


Thanks. D



Can you please expand on what do you mean by saying 'Steaming' type SQL backups?