Data Backup and Recovery

Suspend AltaVault access.


Due to networking maintenance, we need to possibly suspend ALV access. 


What is the best way to do that without causing server hang?

Does ALV provide redundancy/failover fuctions?   I don't think so, but to double check here.





Hi Heightsnj,


The Access to the Data in the Altavault can only be Controlled by the Backup Application used or the Client Server who is accessing the Altavault,


The Altavault does not provide HA redundancy/failover functions like a Ontap Controller but it offers you to create Virtual interfaces which are groups of Physical Interfaces which protects against the failure of a Physical interface connection.


see:  from Page 60



If you meant that the Altavault will not have access to the cloud the you would need to consider the following:


before the Outage:

>  prepopulate every Data/Files you might need during the cloud outage to prevent Client Errors

during the Outage:

> disable Cloud replication to prevent unnecessary Errors in the logs

> the Altavault can receive Data as long it has space left in his local Datastore

> Clients which access data which is not fully populated will get File Access errors


pelase let us know if you have any further question


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