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Tape Library Solution


Hi Team,

I have a new NETAPP installed and is now looking to upgrade my tape library infrastructure. Based on experiences what are my best options out there to take advantage of my Netapp box?

am not limited to any brand. Currently i have an IBM 3582 LTO-2 library ( don't laugh). My environment in heavy on Sql DB's avg 2TB data weekly over 9 servers.

Any suggestions?




Most of our customers are going with LTO5... full height drives are supported and only one model of half height so be careful if you go half height (although you can create a tape_config file to make them work).  Check the support links pasted here to make sure the drives and library are covered 

With ONTAP 8.1 there is also SAS support to tape too, but sounds like you will have an FC library.  Depending on your environment you might have FC switches to share drives across other media servers too.


Hi Andre,

The more important question is: will you change your backup routines due to the fact that NetApp is your new storage?

E.g. if you plan to rely on SnapManager for SQL for daily (hourly?) backups, then your requirement for backup to tape is less heavy, as you can do it less frequently (depending on snapshot retention it could be weekly, or even monthly), presumably utilising NDMP.