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The need of warning level in SC jobs




Is is possible to use warnings in a backup job ? For the moment when something goes wrong, the backup jobs aborts and cancels all further actions.


For example: A backup jobs needs to backup and application and then snapmirror update the volumes to an other site. When the backup succeeds but the snapmirror update failed because the previous transfer is still running, the backup job is cancelled and has the status failed. -> Is it possible to get a warning for this instead of an error.


An other example: I use backup job cascading. I schedule one job that triggers several SC backup jobs. If there are for example 5 sub jobs defined and the second job failed, the main job stops with the status of failed and all the following sub jobs are not executed. In this scenario a warning should be issues that the second job had an issue but the following jobs should also be executed. Of course the second job was failed but this should not have any influence on the other job in case of cascading.


So the need of warning levels or a possibility to "continue on error", in case the action that caused the error is not relevant for the next steps, is needed.



Kris Boeckx






This is the first time I've seen this particular request - today this is not a customizable action.


Snap Creator runs completely on error codes - For success we expect an error code or 0.

With a couple minor expections any other error code indicates a failure.

For example, the Domino plugin uses error code 101 which indicates an error, but it continues operations.


I'll send the request to engineering to see what they say.  We may be able to give an option for this.

If this is impactful to your operations I'd suggest opening a case and you may get a faster resolution that way.


Note:  Sorry for the delay in response.  Due to the platform change no one from the SC team has been getting notified when new comments are posted.  We're working to resolve this.








There are situations where a warning level is usefull. In case of this warning, SC should continou with the following steps.


Examples are:

* multiple snapmirror updates. If one fails, flag a warning and continue with the next step.

* cascading SC jobs. If one fails, flag a warning and continue with the next step.