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Unable to set credentials for SnapDrive on AIX - 0001-136 Admin error


We are in the process of replacing an existing A200 with an A800. One of the facilities we use extensively on some of our AIX systems is SnapDrive for Unix to manage snapshots. When I try to set the credentials for the new A800, it consistently fails with "0001-136 Admin error: Unable to log on to storage system". I checked and the LIF I am attempting to connect via is configured for both SVM management & Data services.

# snapdrive config set root
Password for root:
Retype password:
0001-136 Admin error: Unable to log on to storage system:
Please change user name and/or password for, i.e.
snapdrive config set root or
Please set the management interface for to be used as data interface, i.e.
snapdrive config set -mgmtpath <mgmtpath>

# snapdrive version
snapdrive Version 5.3.2P3
Snapdrive Daemon Version 5.3.2P3


I am able to ping that IP without issue. I am also able to run snapdrive commands successfully against the A200, so that implies that the SDU configuration on the machine in question is correct.


Any help getting past this would be very much appreciated.