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Use of SMSP Archiver only?


IHAC that wants to use the archiver feature of SMSP only. They use SharePoint today on HP storage and servers but want to archive it to a 2040 over CIFS with snap lock.  All the production share point data would still live on non-netapp storage and just be archived to the 2040. I suspect this would work but is it a supported configuration?




The SMSP 6.1 Archiver feature is not a true archiving model. The data is remoted off to CIFS using either RBS or EBS but the stubs still remain in the database as pointers to the content on CIFS. The icon in the document library is changed to a small document with an "A" indicated an archived item. SMSP 7.0/7.1 implements a true archive feature that prunes the content out of SharePoint into a separate archive database that can then be retained/etc for long-term archival. The above configuration could be implemented but not without some configuration challenges.

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