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VMWare 7 and SRM 8.3 and VSC?


Any VSC product specialists know if there is a new VSC version going to land anytime soon which supports VMWare 7 and SRM 8.3, currently VSC\SRA 9.7 does not.  Just after a rough timeline if possible.





Sorry for the delay in our response time.  I am unaware of SRM but here is what i have for VSC

  1. VSC 9.7P2 is in qualification for vSphere 7 and is expected to add that support and be available in July some time.
  2. VSC 9.8 will definitely support vSphere 7 and will be releases in Fall


Thanks, I see 9.7P2 is now out which the IMT confirms as supporting VMWare 7.  However when I check to see if Site Recovery Manager 8.3, it shows only up to 8.2 is supported?  do we have to wait till VSC 9.8 for this to be supported? specifically the Photon Appliance.


To be honest I can't tell you.  I only knew the information above because of a case I had worked.  The best way to get this information is to speak to your sales rep.  They have access to this information.