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What are prerequisites when installing SMSQL to be used just as an administrative server?


I'm reviewing the SMSQL 7.2 Install guide trying to determine what prerequiste software needs to be installed on the Windows Server if it is only intended to be aSMSQL administrative server. In particular the goal is to use the SMSQL PowerShell cmdlet's to control remote Windows Servers running MS-SQL, SnapDrive and SMSQL. The specific use case is to install "just enough" onto an existing NetApp OnCOmmand WFA Windows system to use the SMSQL cmdlets. Prefer to install/add-on as little as possible to the WFA server.


Which of the following MUST be installed on the WFA server?

   - SMSQL?

   - MS-SQL?

   - SnapDrive for Windows?


Better yet, is it possible to install just the SMSQL cmdlets, or move over from an existing SMSQL server. 




please check out the section:

"Requirements for a remote administration server" on page 25 of SMSQL 7.1  IAG or page 11 of the SMSQL 7.2 Istallation and Setup guide


hope it helps,

Domenico Di Mauro.