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What's the post steps after Snapcreator for VIBE restore? should manually remove VMware snapshot trigger by SC


Hi Gurus

When did a snapcreator for VIBE backup, in fact, the storage snapshot include a VMware snapshot.  so when did a snapcreatore restore,  it will did

[Sun Apr 28 09:56:06 2013] INFO: Reverting VM win2k8r2-1 to current snapshot (if one exists).

[Sun Apr 28 09:56:08 2013] INFO: Revert of VM snapshot for VM win2k8r2-1 successful.

[Sun Apr 28 09:56:08 2013] INFO: Checking power state of VM win2k8r2-1 ...

[Sun Apr 28 09:56:08 2013] INFO: Powering on VM win2k8r2-1 ...

[Sun Apr 28 09:56:15 2013] INFO: Powering on successful.

that means, after SFSR,   VC will revert the VM to current snapshot.  it makes sense. but actually the VMware snapshot should be still existing.  I could find them if browser datastore.

I assume I should remove this snapshot but why I can't find them by VMware snapshot manager.

but If I manually create another VM snapshot,   that one triggered by Snapcreator was appear.  

Is there anything I missed?

Thanks and Best Regards!




By Silla, Harishankar's help, in fact, in IAG page 45. there are some comments about that:

After the restore operations are complete, you must run a Snap Creator backup of the restored

virtual machines and vApps to ensure that the new environment is cleaned up and all VMware

Snapshot copies are removed.

If the plug-in is not able to clean up VMware Snapshot copies and displays an error, you must

remove the VMware Snapshot copies manually. The VMware plug-in does not guarantee 100%

VMware Snapshot copy removal and it is a known VMware issue.

the next time snapcreator backup could clean the snapshot get back by restore operation.  if no, you could run snapshot Consolidate to get the snapshot visible.