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While trying to create a new profile, I get error SMO-09013


I created a repository in one of my 11gR2 Oracle databases. Now I'm trying to create a profile for another 11gR2 database with this command:

smo profile create -profile devdb_bkup -repository -dbname prod -host host_name -port 1521 -login -username netapp -database -dbname devdb -host db_host_name -login -username uname -password pwd -port 1521 -rman -controlfile -osaccount os_uname -osgroup ora_dba

I get following error stack during this operation:

[ERROR] SMO-09013: Execution of query on the repository netapp@prod

/[host_name]:1521 failed. ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


[ERROR] SMO-09025: Repository version information not found within repository.

[ INFO] SMO-20022: Deleted credentials and repository mapping for profile "devdb_bkup" in user credentials for "os_uname".

Operation failed. Error: Repository version information not found within repository.

I have this information stack from my earlier repository creation:

[ INFO] SMO-09202: Creating new schema as netapp on jdbc:oracle:thin:@//host_name:1521/prod.

[ INFO] SMO-09205: Schema generation complete.

[ INFO] SMO-09209: Performing repository version INSERT.

[ INFO] SMO-09210: Repository created with version: 102

[ INFO] SMO-13048: Repository Create Operation Status: SUCCESS

[ INFO] SMO-13049: Elapsed Time: 0:00:09.157




I believe the user you have configured to use does not have enough permission to login to the database and create appropriate tables. Can you execute the following?

SQL> grant connect, resource to <smo_repo_user>*;

SQL> grant create table to <smo_repo_user>*;

*where <smo_repo_user> is the username that you are using in your configuration




Hello Naveen,

Thanks for your help. I have actually logged in to SQL plus and checked

to see if the user has privileges to create/drop tables and it does. As I

mentioned, the error I'm getting is actually invalid username and password

error for the SYSDBA account. I also made sure that the password is typed

correctly. So looks like there is something missing.


Ashish Trivedi

Oracle DBA

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