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XCP exclusion


For example, if snapshot is set for the share of \\ svm01 \ smb02, the \\ svm01 \ smb02 \ ~ snapshot folder will be displayed for FAS. (When show snapshot is set)
-exclude path (‘* \ ~ snapshot \ *’) was able to exclude at scan time.
I wanted to exclude the regular folder \\ svm01 \ smb02 \ test, but I didn't exclude it without -exclude path (‘* \\ test \\ *’).(Two \)
It seems that some folders can be excluded with -exclude path (‘* \ <$ name> \ *’), but what is the condition for having to add two \s?
Or is it better to always have two \s attached?





if you referring to exclude multiple file and/or directory.  Please check the below kb:




Hello hmoubara
Thank you for your reply


I saw an example at the link.
I understand that when excluding multiple paths, I write multiple lines in a text file in a format like * \ Web \ *.



However, it did not answer the question.


My question is that the "~ snapshot" folder is
"* \ ~ Snapshot \ *" which is the same format as "* \ Web \ *"
I was able to exclude it.

However, the "test" folder is
"* \ Test \ *" which is the same format as "* \ Web \ *"
However, it could not be excluded.

However, the "test" folder is
When I set "* \\ test \\ *", it means that I was able to exclude it.