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can we export/import snapcreator schedules out of the derby DB for scServer relocation?


Hi All,

Currently, we have our Snapcreator server (3.6p1) hosted on the same system running Oncommand (DFM) services, and we now want to relocate it to its own dedicated w2k8 server.

We would like to prepare a generic procedure for the porting of the config files and job definitions from the current system to the new one. The migration of the config files is easy but we're wondering how to proceed with the schedules which are actually stored in a TASKS table in the derby DB on the scServer.

Is there a documented procedure to export all job related tables (TASKS + others?) to a flat file, that we could then use to reimport in the database of a freshly reinstalled Snapcreator server (using the same version of SC as the source of course)? Any help or comment will be highly appreciated

Thanks in advance




Hello Pierre,

In a typical upgrade scenario, we do the steps mentioned below. (which basically starts with a fresh install)

In your case, if you are to keep the same versions in the new scServer, you should be able to just copy paste the installation folder from source to destination to carry over the configs/schedules/logs.

Just ensure that the snapcreator services are stopped in the source while taking a copy of the installation location.

(typically like below)

C:\Program Files\NetApp\NetApp_Snap_Creator_Framework\scServer3.6p1 

Please let me know if you run into any issues.


Siva Ramanathan


Thanks a lot, but actually I was wondering if there exists a more generic procedure dumping schedule data out of the derby database for better portability (for instance, if the target server os is different from the source).




You can copy the complete folder scServer3.x.x\gui\snapcreator from the old location and paste it in the new location.

This folder contails the complete database.

I am assuming you are not upgrading and just migrationg your SC server.