Data Backup and Recovery

cloning volumes on the other hosts.


We are thinking to use SMO, cloning a Oracle DB, then mount it on the other host. How do we do that?


Thank you in advance for your inputs!





Please refer Table 5) Prerequisites for cloning a database on an alternate host. on page 21 of teh link

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You can do this through the SMO GUI but you are probably looking to do a FULL backup via SMO and then using that snapshot to clone to the secondary host. One of the drawbacks we have seen is that SMO "only clones a DATA volume" so if you have your oracle db in archive log mode (data,fra,olr) it will only restore to ONE node of a RAC and only restore the data volume.  This may be just an ASM restriction. I'm not sure. This process is similar but more complicated if your secondary host isn't connected to the same NetApp as your primary (cloning from snapvault destination at secondary site).