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email alerts of SMSAP run status


Does anyone have a way to have SMSAP run status notifications sent by email if a job fails?  Perhaps some type of script that will tail the job log and generate an email if the job ends with a failure?  


Any other suggestions for SMSAP job alerting?  We have a couple of hundred jobs running each day and we have no good way to discover job failures as they happen.  Right now I create a daily report from DFM snapshot details report and look for instance whose last snapshot is not with in the last 24 hours or so.


Ideally we'd like a system that could link with our ticket system to create service request ticket for each failed job.  


How about the SnapProtect product?  does it do anything like this?  I can't find too much detail on the reporting feature that it is supposed to have in it.








Try using smsap profile update command with -notification [-success -email e-mail_address1,e-mail address2 -subject subject_pattern]
and -notification [-failure -email e-mail_address1,e-mail address2 -subject subject_pattern] Refer
To create the profile refer

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