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Use SMTAPE to initialize a SnapMirror vault relationship




I have used 'smtape' previously in order to initialize a SnapMirror relationship using 7-mode.  The place where I am currently working now has a similar issue in that they wish to use 'smtape' to initialize a number of 'vault' relationships, however this time the customer has Clustered OnTAP (8.2.3).  Does anybody else have any experience with this?


What I had to do before was as follows:


  • Create a CIFS share on the source filer of a size similar to the volume that is being mirrored.
  • Run 'smtape' to create a 'dump' file to the CIFS share.
  • Copy the dump file from the CIFS share to an external NAS device.
  • Transport the NAS device to the destination.
  • Copy the dump file from the NAS device to a CIFS share on the destination.
  • Run 'smtape' to extract the contents of the dump file to the destination volume.
  • Resynchronise the snapmirror relationship between destination and source filers.

Is the process any different for Clustered OnTAP?


I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.


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Yes the procedure is similar. Refer page 67

In case a tape drive is not available in the environment, smtape can be utilized to seed a SnapMirror relationship by using a USB/disk to the destination site.
Note: This is only available in clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1RC1 and later releases.


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