Data Backup and Recovery

how to deatach sql db clone



i create a clone of one Database and atached to another server. Everything is ok.

But in Snapcenter gui i dont find some deatach or unmount button.

Or it it only under source, databases. search for the clone and then only press on recycled bin on right?

normal database dont have this symbol to remove it.


Hi GREGD, I suppose you did a clone to a remote server (A server other than the source). Do you wish this new cloned DB to be working as an individual DB which can be further protected by SnapCenter and backed up? You can do that by doing 'split clone' operation on it. You may refer below for more information


I add clone to another sql server. Then other person do something with this clone. when he was finish  i need to unmount the clone.

I done this so that in sql management studio i set database offline and deatach.  the disk (DB and Log) i set offline and remove disk from vm in vcenter and then delete the clone in snapcenter.

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