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iSCSI Windows, iSCSI vlan Snapdrive


Hey guys,

I'm struggling here to get snapdrive working on a Windows 2008 VM.  I need to connect a LUN from our Netapp 2240-2 filer to the Windows 2008 VM.  All iSCSI traffic is on a network which is also vlan 50.  The Windows VM is on the network in vlan 30.  With all the technologies involved here im not sure who I should be raising this with, Microsoft, Netapp or VMware.  But since I get such good help from people with such good experience I'm posting here.

Please can someone tell me how they achieved this and still make vMotion work within VMware.




if iscsi is in vlan 50 you should get a network interface in vlan 50 on the windows server as well and then use that one to connect?!