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map lun to another server using sdcli or snapdrive


I have snapdrive 6.2 installed on windows 2008 and have taken a snapshot copy of the lun and then want to map the lun to a different server using sdcli or snapdrive. I know that we can create a lunclone or Flexclone lun of a snapshot from the filer and map the lun to another igroup. Is it possible to do through sdcli or snapdrive?



Yes, you can very much use sdcli or SnapDrive to map the LUN to another server.

If you are looking at mapping the LUN's snapshots you need to use connect option from sdcli or SnapDrive. ( This is an online process). Or else,

You can disconnect currently present LUN and hook it to another server ( This will be obviously cause downtime to your setup.)

Cheers !