Data Backup and Recovery

Sharepoint 2010



Does anyone currently use Sharepoint 2010 with NetApp snapmanager products, eg SMOSS. Im interested in general comments regarding the software and how it functions/performs. Any comments greatly appreciated. Briefly the potential deployment would be active/passive SQL cluster, VM web front ends and indexers etc. The Farm would be a split farm, over two sites for DR, with NetApp and snapmirrors at both sites.

Thanks Martin



We are using SnapManager with SharePoint 2010 Enterprise. We have 3 farms (dev, test & prod) with 1 VM Web Front End and 1 App server in each. The databases are on dedicated server instances in a VM Cluster. Dev and Test share a server instance with production in its own instance, and we utilize RBS for all files over 100K on all 3 farms. Day to day maintenance is pretty simple/non-resource intensive. The only really annoying thing is that it doesn't automatically pick up new content DBs when they're added - they need to be re-synched, but other than that it's pretty easy to manage once it's installed.