Data Backup and Recovery

ndmp sql & exchange


Hello everyone,

I would like to ask you ,if this is a good idee to use NDMP as backup solution for SQL/Exchange/Vmware.

We have setup fas2040 and symantec backup exec to backup all volumes via NDMP.

To be sure ,we have also tried to recovery backup from tape , SQL/Vmware/Exchange datastores works perfectly. There was not issue with recovering and bringing up resources.

Shouldn`t I use snapshots created by Snapsot Managers (SQL/Ex/Vm) to backup data to tapes ?

Is this a safe way to use NDMP for SQL/VM/Ex ?

thanks for reply




               By Default the NDMP process will create a snapshot however it can be used to back up the data in a snapshot directory. You should use the  Snap Manager backups as they have been validated at the application level with a verification either with DBCC or eseutil respectively. I have customers who have run added a run after commands that call backup jobs or record the snapshot name in a file to be referenced by the backup software later. You may also choose to use the _recent naming scheme, you can use that can simplify the need to run a backup after however will inhibit other backups until the dump to tape completes.