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ndmpcopy troubleshooting issues - Try to copy from celerra to cDot




  We have created 2 shares:



Celerra - >[VDM_SBL_TMIG1]/SBL_TMIG1



NetApp - >[sblnas_sbvm05]/SBL_TMIG2


And on node runned command:


  -ndmpcopy -sa sbl_cifs:nos_cifs2014! -da sbl_cifs:nos_cifs2014! -st md5 -dt md5 -mcs inet -mcd inet[VDM_SBL_TMIG1]/SBL_TMIG1[sblnas_sbvm05]/SBL_TMIG2

Ndmpcopy: Starting copy [ 15 ] ...

Ndmpcopy: Socket bind or connect for IP failed

Ndmpcopy: Ensure that  node management or cluster management or intercluster IP of family type inet is present on the source filer

Ndmpcopy: Issue 'ndmpd on' on the source filer to enable NDMP request then retry the connection

Ndmpcopy: Done


but the ndmpcopy is enabled:

STGFAS05::system services ndmp> show
Node                  Enabled   Clear text  User Id
--------------------- --------- ----------- ---------
STGFAS05-01           true      true        root
STGFAS05-02           true      true        root
STGFAS05-03           true      true        root
STGFAS05-04           true      true        root


 ndmpd.data_port_range             all
    ndmpd.ignore_ctime.enabled        off
    ndmpd.maxversion                  4
    ndmpd.offset_map.enable           on
    ndmpd.tcpnodelay.enable           off
    ndmpd.tcpwinsize                  32768


I runned with option -d for enable debug and record a file but I can't find file ndmpcopy on the IP of the node.... it seems that it doesn't create it.


Any solutions? I need the file to open a case for investiation, because in this network there's also backups being done with ndmp protocol.


Thanks in advance.