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Data Backup and Recovery

"About restoring and recovering protected database backups"?


In "SnapManager 3.0 for SAP Installation and Administration Guide" it is written in chapter "About restoring and recovering protected database backups" that there are several ways of restoring from vault using SMSAP/SMO/PM to the primary storage .

Possibilites are :

1) direct to primary storage

2) direct to host

3) indirect to storage / host

My question is how do i know which method was choosen? I've tried to grep all the snapdrive logs because SMSAP is only throwing info that it is wating for snapdrive job to finish after writing that it is going to restore from the dataset XYZ.





One clarification, a detailed clarification for "direct to primary storage" would help a lot, my understanding that this is using NDMP restoration, correct?

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