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remove clone from snapcenter


I have snapcenter 4.3.2

i create a clone of DB.  then i want to delete clone after few days . but i cannot do it. because my backup db job is based on instance and i also used the snapmirror for snapvault. 

so i unmount the clone from netapp an sql server. everything works. 

but on snapcenter i see under databases primary jobs still the clone job. and also this


Returns the info about clone.

i try Remove-SmClone but there i get error

"2021-10-30T08:41:32.7334250+02:00 ERROR SnapManagerWeb_336854 PID=[21860] TID=[39] ErrorCode (-1), ErrorMessage (Delete clone failed. Backups are associated with the resources 'XSM'. Remove the backups and retry the operation.)"


but when i try to delete the backup under primary backup under database xsm i get error please delete clone for 


"Failed to delete backup as there are clone(s) created from this backup. Please delete clone(s) - RG_SAP__clone__326998_09-28-2021_11.56.14 (Source Object - XSM, Clone Object - XSM) before deleting backup."


can someone help me what should i do? 



It's catch 22 situation, backups cannot be deleted due to clone and clone cannot be deleted perhaps b'cos it does not exists.

Have you tried force switch - Remove-SmClone -CloneName -force -Confirm$false

If it still complains, then stale entries needs to be removed from NSM database.


Is the ticket raised with NetApp, and have you heard from them?