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remove export policy after Clone from backup



I succeeded to perform my db2 backups and also I was able to perform clone from baackup, as part of the restore-testings.

I noticed that each time I create a clone from backup within snapcenter, an export policy was created on the netapp.

My storage-admin srews up as tons of my restore-tests related Clone Jobs created tons  of export policies.

Is there a way to delete the export policies as soon as I delete the clone by snapcenter? or is this a bug?

I noticed this behaviour at cloning maxdb snapshots as well as db2 snapshots.





SnapCenter supports a REST API, WFA support a REST API (which could probably invoke the SnapCenter API to create your clone). Have you considered automating the cloning task? That way you could invoke the task via the WFA portal or via it's REST API on demand and be assured it would be done correctly, efficently and responsively. I'm not sure about why SnapCenter is creating the export policy but it's simple to automate the removal of it using WFA or API-S.



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You'll need to open a case with NetApp support to have them look through the logs.  They can then open the bug with engineering given what they find (or don't find, since it isn't happening) in the logs.


I opened a Call, see what happens and keep You updated.

This issue is already a known bug and can be tracked by:

1118523 SnapCenter for Oracle Plugin leaves UUID export policies behind after clone clean-up