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snapcreator for domino plugin it doesn't work fine


Hi all,

Yesterday i was configured my first snapcreator for domino, and when i start a backup manualy works fine but if i start the same backup with a scheduled task it doesn't work. this morning if i send a manual backup and it doesn't work

i atthach the complete log for the error task. and my snapcreator is 3.6 32bits

9080 Transactional Logging must be enabled for this function.

9081 Error getting transaction log style.


9083 [Fri Mar 22 14:05:22 2013] [] INFO: Unquiescing databases finished successfully


9085 ########## PRE EXIT COMMANDS ##########

9086 [Fri Mar 22 14:05:22 2013] INFO: No commands defined



9089 [Fri Mar 22 14:05:22 2013] DEBUG: Exiting with error code - 1

thanks in advance




I took a look through the log and you appear to be having a connection error with your storage system.

From the log:

########## Gathering Information for ##########

[Fri Mar 22 14:04:16 2013] INFO: Performing Snapshot Inventory for vol_Notes on

[Fri Mar 22 14:04:16 2013] DEBUG: ZAPI REQUEST





[Fri Mar 22 14:05:16 2013] TRACE: ZAPI RESULT

<results status="failed" reason="in Zapi::invoke, cannot connect to socket" errno="13001"></results>

[Fri Mar 22 14:05:16 2013] ZAPI: in Zapi::invoke, cannot connect to socket

[Fri Mar 22 14:05:16 2013] ERROR: [scf-00013] Inventory of vol_Notes on failed! Exiting

It seems you are having a communication error with your storage.

Is this a vfiler by chance?  this message is also present:

[Fri Mar 22 14:04:16 2013] WARN: Unable to determine if connection is a vFiler. There is a communications issue and TRANSPORT is not set to HTTP, if the connection is a vfiler HTTP is required

Try setting communications to HTTP and see if that resolves the issue.

Looking through the log the Domino pieces appear to be working correctly - The storage communication is where you are having problems.

This message:

Transactional Logging must be enabled for this function.

Error getting transaction log style.


Just means that transaction logging for Domino is not enabled - It is not an issue.  ERROR_CODE: 0 indicates that all is well.




Please provide us with the below output from> options httpd



this is the httpd options for the host

httpd.access                 legacy

httpd.admin.access           legacy

httpd.admin.enable           on

httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off

httpd.admin.max_connections  512

httpd.admin.ssl.enable       on on

httpd.autoindex.enable       off

httpd.bypass_traverse_checking off

httpd.enable                 on

httpd.ipv6.enable            off

httpd.log.format             common     (value might be overwritten in takeover)

httpd.method.trace.enable    off

httpd.rootdir                /vol/vol0/home/http

httpd.timeout                300        (value might be overwritten in takeover)

httpd.timewait.enable        off        (value might be overwritten in takeover)

The conection between snapcreator and controller is with HTTPS. the snapdrive connection in computer of the snapcreator agent is installed (lotus Domino) works with RPC.

best regards


Thank you.

The connection seems to be okay, as I see asup generation message in the log.

The httpd settings are also correct.

Please provide me with the below output.> vol status vol_Notes> snap list vol_Notes



thanks for your response, this is the result of your questions

the result of "vol_satus"

Netapp2> vol status vol_Notes

         Volume State           Status            Options

      vol_Notes online          raid_dp, flex     nosnap=on, create_ucode=on, convert_ucode=on,

                                64-bit            no_i2p=on, fractional_reserve=0

                         Volume UUID: db8c517a-84e1-11e2-ad78-123478563412

                Containing aggregate: 'aggr_SAS2'

the result of snap list, this snaps only 4 of these works fine with snapcreator, the rest of it the status was error.

Netapp2> snap list vol_Notes
Volume vol_Notes

  %/used       %/total  date          name
----------  ----------  ------------  --------
  1% ( 1%)    0% ( 0%)  Mar 22 14:50  Getafix-daily_20130322144209
  3% ( 2%)    1% ( 1%)  Mar 21 22:06  Getafix-daily_20130321220002
  4% ( 1%)    1% ( 0%)  Mar 21 20:19  Getafix-daily_20130321200801
  5% ( 1%)    1% ( 0%)  Mar 21 18:11  Getafix-daily_20130321180001
  6% ( 1%)    2% ( 0%)  Mar 21 16:28  Getafix-daily_20130321162050
  6% ( 1%)    2% ( 0%)  Mar 21 15:06  Getafix-daily_20130321145826
  9% ( 2%)    2% ( 1%)  Mar 20 10:11  Getafix_snap-daily_20130320100322
10% ( 2%)    3% ( 0%)  Mar 19 22:08  Getafix_snap-daily_20130319220102
11% ( 1%)    3% ( 0%)  Mar 19 16:42  Getafix_snap-daily_20130319163253
13% ( 3%)    4% ( 1%)  Mar 18 14:09  Getafix_snap-daily_20130318140102
15% ( 1%)    4% ( 0%)  Mar 18 08:06  Getafix_snap-hourly_20130318080100
16% ( 2%)    5% ( 0%)  Mar 17 22:53  Getafix_snap-hourly_20130317224710
17% ( 2%)    5% ( 1%)  Mar 15 23:52  Getafix_snap-hourly_20130315234531

Best Regards


Getafix-daily.conf edit this file look for a value called NTAP_TIMEOUT

Increase this value from 60 seconds to 300 seconds.



Thanks for your response.

I start the snapshot manualy and work's fine, tomorrow i will send more feedback if it works with the sheduled snapshots.

Best Regards



today the sheduled shapshots doesn't work, and the comunicaciont with the agent was down, i restart the agent and the next shedule at 16:00 it doesn't work.

thanks in advance.


Could you please run the scdump (available from the GUI) and email me the output? my email address is sivar at


Also, when you email please provide me with ur storage serial number. I would like to take a look at the autosupport messages.



thaks for all, i send it to you any information

Best regards.



I am seeing from the logs that the Domino plugin does not complete it tasks within 15 minutes (900 seconds).

Please edit the config file and set this value SC_AGENT_TIMEOUT=3600

Please let us know how the backups behave after this value is set.

Thanks much.