Data Backup and Recovery

snapcreator framework as an infrastructure backup solution


current products installed for backup:

1. snapcreator and snapdrive for Lotus domino

2.snapprotect (for file services and VMware)

3.Protection manager managed secondary backups

Customer is in the process of redesigning the backup solution. I would like suggestions from experts here, for compelling reasons to have Snapprotect as options 1 & 3 can solve the issues.

Is there anything i am missing here?



Last I checked SnapProtect did not support Domino.

You can backup Domino environments without any sort of plugin and hope that Domino consistency checks will be enough, but that is a decision the customer would need to make.

Ultimately, use the solution that meets your needs.

Snap Creator and SnapProtect can be complimentary products - we have a few customers that I am aware of using both.

I'm don't know enough about SnapProtect and your customer's needs to comment more