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snapmanager for SQL service can't start


My enviroment is an SQL Cluster 2012 and windows 2012 cluster,

first I install Host Utility Kit 6.0.2 in each node,

and then I install Snapdrive 7.0.1 in each node,

Finally I install the SMSQL 7.0 in each node,

When the SMSQL 7.0 finish the installation,

I found the SnapManager service is not start,

so I start the service,

but it' give me an error like this:

november I restart the server or reinstall the SMSQL 7.0,

It has the same problem!

So I remove the SMSQL 7.0 change to SMSQL 6.0.1

but I SnapManager service is also can't start,

It will give me different error message like this:

Then I change the SMSQL to 5.2 to try,

but the error message is the same as SMSQL 6.0.1!

Is any step I miss or wrong,

Please help me!

It's very hurry!





The following KB helped me to resolve this issue. Hope it helps in your case too.

Best Regards,

Krishna Kishore Govada.